The Simplistic Responsibility of Wisdom (Short and Sweet)

August 30, 2015

Wisdom… it’s a topic that eludes most Christians. Simply because there are so many facets that we could never be made aware due to our finite human minds. When I think of those who are “wise”, I think about the people who can respond correctly and Biblically to any situation in their life. Persecution, hardship, temptation, calamity, illness, and other tough topics. In 2 Chronicles 1:7 King Solomon asks for God to give him wisdom to govern and lead the people in which He is ruling over. With that gift of wisdom came moments in his kingship where he had to make some pretty difficult decisions. The one that sticks out in my mind the most is when the two prostitutes came to him with the baby. One woman had rolled over on her baby in the night, and the other went to pick her baby up in the morning, but the baby was no where to be found. The first woman stole the living baby from the her! Because they could not settle the conflict amongst themselves, they were brought before King Solomon. He then instructed the women that he would cut the baby in half and they would then share the baby. Could you I magine having to make those tough decisions on another’s behalf? Or even your own? There is such responsibility when God teaches us how to be wise. However, it is incredibly simple… Because there is nothing new under the sun, the wisdom that is poured out onto mankind is given to men LIBERALLY to those who ask. It is a hidden wisdom that can only come from God. We cannot gain it from anywhere else. I believe that when Scripture tells us to “ask” for wisdom, that is a serious command. However, be aware of the responsibility that comes with it.


KNOWLEDGE- Information regarding the area in which you are asking for wisdom

PERCEPTION- Man’s perception on the idea, as well as the godly counsel of men and women that God has placed in our lives regarding the area in which we are asking for wisdom.

EXPERIENCE- God gives us opportunities to experience situations in our lives to gain the wisdom to make discerning choices.

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