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Christian Hedonmism Grief Lament Repentance

Hope in the God of the Barley Harvest

Everyone I know is looking for hope right now. Yearning for a deeper meaning behind this pandemic, isolation, sickness, and these unprecedented moments. Some are reaching for the refrigerator door hoping food will calm them. Others are reaching for the counterfeit community through social…

March 29, 2020
The Creative Press

I Missed You

It had been years since she even looked at me. I miss the days when she would depend on me, and put me first in her life. I was just collecting dust like all the other books on her shelf, but the difference is…

March 15, 2020
Adoption Barrenness Grace in the Mundane Motherhood

My Son’s Birth Story

I’ve been around enough pregnant women to know they stress about their birth plan. They make lists, demands, and even do strange rituals in order to ready their bodies, their tribes, and their medical staff for the day of arrival of their babes. Perhaps…

January 28, 2020
Adoption Barrenness Motherhood Poetry

I Met a Boy

I met a boy With skin as soft as silk Even the caramel in my coffee Is wildly jealous of The caramel in his skin. I met a boy. With a voice as loud as thunder And eyes having already beheld So many things…

January 28, 2020