Meet Louisa

I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio. At the age of ten, a neighbor introduced me to Jesus Christ. I knelt down in her living room floor, and it was there the Holy Spirit breathed life into my soul. I have walked the journey of deep sorrow in fatherlessness, barrenness, failure, and brokenness. Each step, however, has not been without the faithful hand of our Savior. Through the local church, God has made this barren woman a mother, and I live to write about God’s goodness. My heart longs for others to know the deep joy that comes from knowing Christ. This space is an act of love to help the saints endure together until we all reach that far kingdom “where we will always be with the Lord” (1 Thessalonians 4:17). It is my desire that women turn to God’s Word for absolute truth in the midst of walking through grief, suffering, affliction, or even the every day mundane, and to be a vessel that can “publish peace, and bring good news of happiness” (Isaiah 52:7). He is enough. His Word is enough.