Adoption Marriage Ministry Musings Poetry

Father’s Love

December 10, 2019

Father’s Love.
It looks good on you.
I see how you draw him close to you,
Close enough for him
To hear you breathe
Being calmed as your chest
Rises and falls,
You make it look easy to do.
Your smile gives you away
As you enjoy the coos of his voice,
This son of yours
Not birthed from your loins
But birthed from your heart.
It made a puddle
On the floor of you,
After bathing yourself
In the ocean of his sweetness
I watched you mop up
All of these moments
With the towel of servant-hood
Around your waste
Like Christ when He
Washed the disciples feet.
I see you.
New daddy.
I knew.
In spite of my own fatherlessness
I would know a father’s love.
By watching you love our son.

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