Transformational Slave Ships

October 2, 2019

I went adrift on a slave ship
Only a few years ago,
Taken captive by the worst of task masters
He never kind, only hatred and injustice he would show.
I became a vessel of dishonor
Youthful passions I would pursue,
Tossed about on every wave,
While God’s grace I would abuse.
I presumed upon His kindness
And ignored the shackles around my neck.
Deceived to believe
They were adorning me like a queen
Only to find them to be
An instrument of torture,
Placed there to remind me of all the
wrongdoings I had done.
The iron chains marked me a runaway,
For I sold myself to the enemy.
The kindness of my True Master
Opened these eyes to see
The way of escape from my misery.
The discovery of my bondaged state
Was met with an invitation,
An offering of repentance
Recovered me from the snare
Of eternal damnation.
The greater the danger,
The greater the deliverance.
The further adrift,
The further He goes to pull me back in.
Once led captive by the devil,
Now I receive glorious liberty.
No longer a child of the slave woman,
But a child of the freed.
Transformed I am a child of the Promise.

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