Lament Poetry


September 16, 2019

Chemical responses were awakened in my body and brain.
Responses I didn’t know wanted to wake up
To the sound of the alarm the Holy Spirit sounded,
What became a distortion of True love.

My flesh lied to me.
It has been since the day of Eve
When she believed
She was starving to death, hungry.

Why would I be surprised then,
If the enemy is the father of lies,
That he would cause what is of this world
To fulfill the lust of the eyes, the pride of life?

I set my mind on the things of the flesh,
Lies that my body told
Believing that all I needed was just a taste
All this proved what really had a hold.

But God…
He didn’t let me sell my birthright,
He didn’t let my flesh win,
It was crucified with Him.
My foot almost stumbled.
He destroyed my flesh limb from limb.
In the ocean of His grace
He taught me how to swim.

My flesh, along with its desires, are passing away.
Thank you, God.
Thank you is all I can say.
What was once my heartbeat,
The rhythm now changed.
Although my flesh still lies
My soul sings YHWH.

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