Grief Lament

Whispers of Light

June 21, 2019

In the utter darkness there is no sound.
Just the comforts of your own cries
And the occasional distressing whimper,
The sound your hope makes when it dies.
Hushed tones of the enemy’s lies
Breathing death to my heart and mind,
I’m tempted to give in to the sway of doubt,
Until the last drop of faith he finds.
And in my moment of trouble
A mysterious whisper finds my ear,
Reaching through the guilt and shame
Calming every single fear.
These whispers I’ve heard before,
But it has been too long.
Since the Saviors voice rescued me
Forgetting His right hand so strong.
I hear Him speaking,
My soul comes alive
As His light and truth go before me,
Safely in Him I abide.
Oh these gentle whispers,
When the static of friend and foe
Distract me from my One true Love,
Whispers are how He shows,
His strength, His power, His saving grace.
And I will run. Toward the whispers. I will finish this race.

**This poem was written as I desperately sought the Lord on 3 specific prayer request. I read in the book of John how the Holy Spirit does not speak on his own authority, but he speaks what he hears. After coming out of a debilitating season of utter darkness where God hid his face from me, I still found myself needy. So I asked the Holy Spirit to speak what he heard in regards to my 3 requests. I knew I needed God to answer these requests. He did. All three he spoke to me through his word and answered my pleas and requests. It has been years since I’ve heard the Lord answer me in this way. I was deaf for so long. Praise God for his whispers.**

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