Discipleship- Pauls and Timothys

Time to Say Goodbye

June 8, 2019

In an instant

I dropped to my knees.

I was told you were gone,

And all I could do was cry desperate pleas.

But, I’m so proud of you,

Your obedience is a sign

That you are truly His,

Never made to be just mine.

But the sadness still lingers

Like a bad dream I cannot shake,

I awoke with an emptiness.

A void that cannot be filled,

I sit motionless, stunned, still.

With enough tears to fill the oceans

I commit you to the Lord,

Hoping one day, in this life,

All will be restored.

So many questions,

So much left unsaid,

I miss you, deeply miss you,

Only weeping now fills my bed.

I fear you will regret

Even the good you left behind,

Or that my love I sought to give you

Will be pushed from out your mind.

If there ever was a moment

I could hold your precious face,

It would be now just to tell you

Run, dear one, run to finish this race.

Maybe I won’t get to now,

But I know in due time

We’ll cross together with our Savior,

Time…In time…


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