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A Mountain of Sin-Psalm 32

June 4, 2019

I cried deep prayers to You

And a year later You answered.

You moved me from my lofty mountain

Where in my prosperity

I did not, would not drink from Your life-giving fountain.

Oh God, You heard and You acted.

Moving strategically with holy patience,

While I fumbled in the darkness

Deaf, dumb, and blind,

Yet in Your love You wouldn’t leave me behind.

Day and night Your hand was heavy,

I had no strength to stop the nightmare from coming.

What I thought was the end

Was only the beginning

The passionate pursuit of Your mercy winning.

The salve of Your grace opened my eyes

And the drums of my ears turned to hear

Where silence had overtaken for years.

Your sheep finally heard Your voice,

Please, I beg, dear Shepherd, stay near.

My burden now lifted,

Shouts of deliverance are now my song,

For when my God pardons sin

He remembers no wrong.

**I’m sitting in an airport terminal waiting to fly to Cincinnati where I’ll meet my sisters and we’ll head to the mountains. The mountains have always been a place where I can be in awe of who God really is to me. A year ago I prayed for God to remove an idol from my life. I never in a millions years would have believed He would remove it the way He did. My prayer is that healing from my sin sickness will continue to happen when I arrive in the mountains. As I stand on their peaks this time I don’t want to look down in lofty pride and a hardened heart, but with absolute praise and worship to my God who graciously and kindly rescues, redeems, and walks with me. Here’s to new mountain memories with a tender heart towards Gods power and majesty.**

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