I Now Know

July 26, 2018


How could I know the meaning
Of what it’s like to weep?
The child you gave to me,
Now buried beneath me, six feet deep.

How could I know the embrace, Oh Lord
Of your loving arms,
Reaching out to comfort me
Keeping my soul from doubt, from harm.

How could I know your saving power
When all seemed lost,
You heard my deepest groaning
You met me in the loss.

How could I know You are good
If I never saw the pain?
Felt Your mercy cover me,
Wash me in it like the rain.

How could You ever receive the glory
If I could never raise my hands,
And tell of Your lovingkindess
When losing her wasn’t the plan?

You promised in this life
There would be terrible pain,
But You sympathize with us
You felt it too, just the same.

You lost your only One
All for my sake,
So I give her back to You, my Lord
Her soul to take.

Oh how You’ve made me glad
To weep with those who weep,
And be an extension of You
To those in desperate need.
Need of the comfort
You graciously gave to me,
In spite of the pain and suffering.
It will be followed by
An eternal weight of glory
When I see her standing by your side,
Face to face we’ll meet again
When you make right all the tears I’ve cried.

I now know…


**I wrote this poem for a woman who lost her daughter in a tragic car accident many years ago. The suffering is still fresh and the Lord continues to use it to build faith into others as she tells her story of God’s mercy. 

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