Discipleship- Pauls and Timothys Poetry

In Due Time, Dear Daughter

July 25, 2018

foggy woman


When it is time, dear daughter
You will have a thirst,
So deep and demanding
That you’ll believe your desires should come first.
You’ll want to drink deeply
From an ever flowing stream
Of satisfaction and delight,
A well of pure water that seems to be a dream.
You’ll want to taste its disillusioned beauty
And intoxicate your heart,
Enrapture your every member
Become a instrument in lust’s dark art.
There you will surely find yourself
At the crossroads of truth and lies,
Believe that your body deserves it
Taking upon yourself the shackles your sin will buy.
In time, dear daughter
You will find a Man
Who will satisfy your every longing
Reaching across the Heavens for your hand.
He will be for you
What nothing on this earth can be,
The One to calm the storms
And dissolve the raging seas.
He is your Rock, your Lover, Your Redeemer, Savior
Speak this until you believe,
That He is enough
Now in this life,
And for all eternity.

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