July 3, 2018


How quickly I forget
That I am a sojourner on this earth,
Traveling toward a greater Promised Land
Groaning in my soul as a woman giving birth.

Before I know it
My cravings cause disbelief
The hunger tries to disprove God’s salvation
Sinful desires well up, bow to its chief.

I have yet to place the morsel on my tongue
Taste its decadent sweetness
Be caught with it in my mouth
Believe the lie that it will bring completeness…

That’s when God redeemed me.


He remembers I am but flesh,
Wind passing through me
Here today, gone tomorrow
My Savior makes a plea,
“I choose her! I love her!”

I am unworthy to be a sojourner
In the great wilderness of our Father’s mercy
Shedding light on my sinfulness
To remind me, of what’s to come.
Until I enter into that Promised Land,
God, grant that I would be satisfied
By your living water,
By your provided manna.
Walk with me in this seemingly great wilderness, Lord.

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    Beautiful !!!! Sending all my love and prayers. Ruth E

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