Discipleship- Pauls and Timothys Poetry

Thorns of Humility

June 8, 2018


You, my beloved, we
Have these hearts,
We have these bodies
They each have these parts.
Front row seats
For all the world to see
God’s beauty and glory on display.
A theater to God’s amazing grace
A chance for the world to see His face.
So when that mountain seems too high
The one you think won’t move,
The one you think is too big, too wide,
Please, I beg, don’t believe that lie.
When the temptation comes
And your body wants to give in
Rage against it!
It won’t, I know, it can’t win!
Not with the one who formed that mountain
Living inside of you.
Not with the one who created your frame
Patiently waiting to be your rescue.
I know the stake makes you groan
It reminds you this body is ours on loan
And one day, one day, my love
Your desires will be in perfect order
God will be its highest treasure,
Where satisfaction is known forever.
There is no shame,
Do not be afraid.
For He is with you
He knows your name.
His grace is sufficient
You do not lack,
He can satisfy
Don’t look back.

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