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Are There Even Words

February 14, 2018

A cosmic lightsabre

Would you take a ride with me
To farthest point in creation,
To see the billions of galaxies
In the deepest of deep space or the ocean?
The very words of God creating
Colors and mysterious creatures,
All displaying a part of who He is
Each glimpses of His features.
So with all this limitless creativity
He says He writes down my name,
In the Lamb’s book of Life
With His blood and pen aflame.
Imagine for just a moment
With what magnificence He would ascribe
The adored and delighted name He chose,
The name of His Holy Bride.
How would my name look
When He writes it down with His hand
Would I even be able to gaze upon it
Would I even be able to stand?
Would just his handwriting alone
Cause my heart to faint
When He draws me near and welcomes me in
His dearly beloved saint.
My name written in His book
Won’t be the name given to me at birth,
But rather a new name that He alone shall give
A crown of beauty in His hand.
The wonders.
The mysteries.
The beauties.
I am unable to comprehend.
To be known and know
The One without end.

The Hubble eXtreme Deep FieldNGC 1512 and NGC 1510

These images are from the Hubble Telescope from the deepest parts of space. The top picture is from the deepest known part of space where millions of galaxies are shown on display. If our God SPOKE these… imagine what your name will look like written down in the Lamb’s Book of Life with HIS HANDWRITING!!!!


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