Discipleship- Pauls and Timothys Poetry

Love Like a Nursing Mother

January 26, 2018

baby holding

~To you, my beloved, I promise these precious truths…~

I’ll always hold you and caress your fears away,
I’ll tenderly make known to you my delight
In all the precious ways
You are beautifully made,
And for your faith I will always fight.

When you stumble and fall
I will wipe away your tears
Remind you that the pain only lasts for but a moment,
I will do this for many years.

I’ll sacrifice my desires
My wants, my needs for yours,
Impart not only truth, but my whole self,
And be affectionately desirous for you as unto the Lord.

I will nurse you with the nourishing Word of God,
Declare His goodness from day to day.
And remind you of how your womanhood
Is found in Him, our Way.

We are not tethered by the cord of flesh,
But by the cords of the Spirit
Who made known to us this depth:
Our souls by God’s hands are knit
Our eternal bonds made possible
By our Redeemer, Deliverer, Lover, and God.

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