Christian Hedonmism Poetry

1095 Ascents

December 28, 2017


The moment I let you in to see my tears
You made for yourself preconceived notions and fears
That would haunt me for years,
The falsehood you believe your heart hears,
But here is a more sure promise:
In spite of your wicked ways, He’s near.

As if you knew my inner most thoughts
And took time to know me as you ought.
As if you think your perceived truths
Could never turn my heart black and blue,
Here is a more sure promise:
He is sovereign, and He knew.

These seemingly wasted days
One thousand ninety five ways
Your tongue has contrived
Where your hearts arrows lie
In the ears of your listeners,
But here is a more sure promise:
In spite of your tongue, He won.

Even though the fire of your words have burned
Even though the madness you created left me spurned,
I appeal to your heart with this promise:
I am for peace, but when I speak, they are for war!
I will not settle the score.
For I have One who is my keeper, and He keeps my life.
He wins.
Not your whip and not your knife.

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