Marriage Poetry

The Best of Me

December 23, 2017


In an instant I’m gone
Walking out the door
Slamming it shut
Thinking in my restless heart there must be something more.

More that I’m not seeing,
More that I’m not receiving,
More lies I am believing,
More ways the enemy is deceiving.

In an instant I come back,
Back through the door
After hearing Him keeping
My heart from fleeting passions with a roar.
The fear of the Maker of the Heavens
The fear of the Maker of the earth,
Points back with His tender finger
To deny myself of the rights
I believe I am owed as a wife.
But what rights did my Savior wave?
When His body was torn and beaten,
This god-man’s perfect submission
Only allowed me eternal life,
Not my rights as a wife.
So I look to the hills
Where does my help come from?
Pleading for help to be the helper
To one of God’s precious sons.

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