Christian Hedonmism Lament

Today I Drown

December 8, 2017



The melancholy nature of my ever changing heart
Stings a little today
Rips my mind a part.
As questions swirl in the tumultuous seas
And answers are far from reach,
I try to dig my feet in deep
To truth knowing you see,
The depths to which this ocean goes
A bottomless pit of the unsatisfied me.
With fleeting pleasures of this world
Even the good, the wise,
I hold on to them like life preservers
Frustrated, annoyed, I hide.
But this hiding won’t last long,
For I know you love me
And you’ll come to me so strong,
So for you I wait, Oh God
“I wait” will be my song.
With a hand reached out
And words that say,
“Oh ye of little faith”,
I’ll hear Your voice replay.
So until then,
I let go of the life preservers,
I’ll let myself drown,
And wait for Your rescue
My God. I’ll wait for You to rescue.

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