Christian Hedonmism Poetry

A Reminder of Future Hope

November 13, 2017

clouds 11

As the earth resounded with a new song,
The echo of His presence
Filled the earth’s moments,
And the heavens shouted glorious praises.

For the LORD Himself is now with us
He dwells among men,
Bringing order back to creation
And uniting all things to Him.

All other gods bow downward
All idols of the heart lie cut off
Our desires and affections are now for Him
Hearts of stone now made soft.

Just as His glory departed from Israel
When His presence left their land,
Does my heart tremble and fear
Without His mighty right hand?

Do I do just fine making it on my own?
Or do I desperately plead for more
Of His merciful saving grace,
Hoping in the One I’m created for?

I am His
And He is mine,
He demonstrated His love
As He became the bread, the wine.
He lives and resides within me
Of His presence I am sure
I can hope in a future glory,
His gracious loving Spirit helps me to endure!

One day we will sing a new song
One written long ago,
Before the foundations of the earth were laid
A song only the Father will know.
And we will join with all creation
In that magnificent display
Of angels, stars, and children praising
For He has overcome death and the grave!

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