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July 20, 2017

After a season of God lifting His hand for a short time (2 months exactly), the Lord has once again drawn close in ways I never imagined. The past 2 months I have been broken in ways (notice the plural use of “ways” here… broken in many many WAYS) that was clearly His mercy and grace in my life through the Father’s loving discipline. I couldn’t write, I couldn’t breathe or stop crying most days, but His mercy was and is new every morning to lift me up as He lavished such great, steadfast love on me. This is the first poem I’ve written since the Lord graciously drew close to His daughter once again…

His Presence Restored

When I hold out my hands in need
I’m met with a steadfast love
That penetrates all the broken places
And let’s my brokenness breathe.

When I lay weary from the fight
I’m met with a strength
That lifts me from the deep pit
And secures me with glorious might.

When I come to You, my Father
I’m met with arms that pull me in
That remind me that I am Yours
My faith, of which You are the Author.

When all I can do is cling to the promises of Glory
I’m met with the beauty of Your Son
As He gently reminds me
He’s not finished with my story.

When I stand before Your throne in awe
I’ll be met with a splendor too magnificent for words
As you reveal Your perfectly divine majesty
I’ll see then, it was You all along I saw.

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    Hi Louisa, Excellent!!! I guess I should have allowed you to talk more. Thanks for sharing your heart. Love ya, Ruth

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