Why I Write: An a invitation to peer into my heart.

April 19, 2017


This month marks several important realities for me in my life.

The first, my sweet husband’s birthday is this month. The month of his birth is the month the earth bursts forth from the ground a mixture of colors and scents that remind us of the limitless creativity of our ALMIGHTY God. Not to mention God sovereignly determined the day in which my other flesh would burst into this world to change my life forever.

The second, it’s National Poetry Month. While I do not consider myself to be listed among the greatest poets of all time, I do love and enjoy creating in the capacity of writing rhyming words. My mother inspired me to write poetry. She writes beautiful poems that are simple, yet profound. I remember reading her poetry when I was a little girl and being completely amazed by her heart that was displayed there in those words. Usually her poems were written during the most vulnerable times of her life, therefore I got to see into her heart in a way that I otherwise couldn’t. She never expressed herself well, other than when she wrote poetry.

So today, in celebration of National Poetry Month, I want to share a very intimate poem I wrote about a person who collided with me in these past couple of years. She has embodied the relationship between Jonathan and David in that our souls have been knit together by the mysterious love of Jesus Christ. She is someone whom the Lord graced me with to KNOW Him deeper and love Him more than I ever could have on my own. Words of this poem could never adequately express the depth of love the Lord has allowed me to know in and through our friendship. According to Dr. Jack Hyles, “Apart from salvation, perhaps, God gave to David the greatest gift that He can give to a human being. That is the gift of a friend”.

My best friend is the Spongebob to my Patrick. She’s the cream and sugar to my latte. She’s the Ruth to my Naomi. The Mary to my Elizabeth. The Mary to my Martha. God is so good. So… here it is… I wrote it on Good Friday ***BREATHE**** :

Grace in Together

Soul of my soul
Is what you’ve been to me
So undeserving I cry out
How can it be
That He should take all my iniquities
Yet give me thee?
What could I have given
To obtain such sweet grace
The gift of our merciful Father
Brought together in your sweet face.
So on this day of His death
I’m reminded that this story
Isn’t quite finished yet
His love for us, our allegory.
He has much more to write
Much more to perfect,
He’s knitting us closer together
Casting out the fear that is left.
So just like He,
I write out our story
Between two souls
That give Him praises and glory.

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