Christian Hedonmism

Desert Trial

April 2, 2017


There is no God like Jehovah
Who reigns from on high
And made Himself so lowly
And bottles every tear that I cry.
When fear and troubles come
The trials which produce deep faith,
It is Your Word, Oh Lord
I hear and am sustained.
For I cried out to You,
In utter desperation,
And you inclined your ear so close
This bride’s mysterious preparation.
You delivered my soul from death
When darkness had me bound,
You kept my feet from falling
Grace in the Light of Life is found.
What can flesh do to me
That wasn’t already ransomed,
Except take my life, my breathe
His salvation is my anthem!
He has conquered my foulest foes
When He said, “It is finished!”
The triumph cry from the cross
Sin, fear, death all perfectly diminished.
He is my Kinsman Redeemer
The sustainer of my joy,
Under every fiery trial
The enemy He will destroy.
This is my victory song
In the One I’m made to love,
He fights the battle for me
When my eyes are fixed above.

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