I Only Have a Mustard Seed Today

February 28, 2017


I only have a mustard seed
Of faith for this day,
I beg and wait for the Lord
To hear me as I pray.
I wait silently as I am reminded
That He’s here in my moments
Forever to stay.

Our lives are part of a much bigger story
One that began before time,
Drenched in the riches of His glory
And given perfect rhythm and rhyme.

The beginning of our faith
Began with a Word,
Light left His mouth
Along with plants, oceans, and birds.

He, with His infinite creativity,
Chose me, redeemed me, sealed me
By the power of His blood.
His love cannot, will not be quenched
By ocean or flood.
Forever steadfast and unmovable
You satisfy, my God, You’re enough.

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