A Promise Made New

February 16, 2017


Peering in through the windows of our covenant love
Others might think it strange.
With submission as an act of worship
I pray this my heart would change.
No pomp and circumstance
Not even a feeling
Just an every day choosing to die to self
Before our Savior kneeling.
The beauty He adorns us with
Received in grace
Dressed in godliness and holiness
We run this race.
We put off the dreams of a love like the world’s,
With its requirements, rights, and desires.
I commit to you all I have
Until I be worn, given all, and tire.
You are the one I give all I am to
You are the one I love still
You are the one I empty myself out for
You are the one I give up my own will.
I promise to you all my body can give
I promise you this as long as we both shall live.

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