The Costly Gift I’ve Been Given

February 5, 2017


Father, I remember that night I prayed,
When tears streamed down my cheeks
And right by my side you stayed
Until you gave sweet relief.

In that moment you heard my cries
You always do, you always will
Go to battle against the lies.
Soft and subtle was Your Word,
“Sing in the suffering, in Me abide.”

I held fast, dug in deep
And sang the only song I knew
Amazing Grace, as I began to weep,
A promise I held onto.

For years as it was conceived
I began to see Your grace,
As Your hands began to weave
This good gift now has a face.

There was no child being knitted in my womb,
But rather a good gift
The cost you paid by Your blood,
And walking out of the tomb.

Unsearchable and mysterious are You
In all Your ways,
Who knew hearts and souls could be joined together,
As You teach us to number our days.

You have put more joy in my heart
Than looking into my child’s eyes,
For You placed a love to meet me
But it came with a disguise.
You satisfy the longing soul
With glimpses of our Love.
So, I praise and thank you, Dear God
For this costly gift from above.

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