My Flesh, My Soul, My Love

January 18, 2017


With a timid heart I fall into you,
Trust eludes me
But somehow I grow
Just like the sequoia tree
Because of the way you love so free.

The seed of covenanting love planted
As it is nourished by fresh rains and the sun.
The slow growth over years of steadfast commitment,
Draw me into you as we become one.

You speak truth to my unsettled heart
Love the best you can as He has
But still my heart wanders
As my broken submission never lives in the past.

Can we renew this hope, trust, and love in the strength of our God?
Stand on His promises
To bind our souls together
As His Holy Spirit polishes
These broken vessels of of His mercy.

You, my beloved, I love, want, desire, pursue.

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