Bent- Luke 13

January 14, 2017

On this the day of rest
Where You were found
Behold a woman came
Face to the ground.

Disabled and bent
For years she hid
Until your compassion was felt
Your words they did
What nothing else on earth could do.

They spoke right to the bondage,
The judgement and shame
That was thrust upon her
This woman without a name.

But, she is known.
You see, she is me.
Held by guilt and sin
Captive to my body.

And all at once I hear You say,
“Woman you are freed, freed indeed!”
So with a song in my mouth I sing
Praising Your love, Your glory.

For this once bent and broken child of His
Holds fast to His promises
That He is near the broken-hearted
And He lives
Within His delighted creation.

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