January 4, 2017


I imagine with the mind you gave me,
The breath you breathed out when you spoke
“Let there be light!”
Within those words so much hope
For those who would receive
A precious gift where darkness no longer mopes.
Those words saturated in so much love
For You foreknew that same Light
Was and would be Your Son, Jesus Christ.
Going forth into existence, as He passed through the Heavens
Through space, time, and infinitely more glory
Than could ever be understood or expressed.
Your fullness met Your creation.
All in a moment, You became flesh.
So when fear, doubt, and affliction chase my wandering heart
Remind me of this magnificent plan,
How you became man
To know and be known
For all eternity.
How you hold every tear that’s shed
In the palm of Your hand.
How my eyes will behold You as my only groom
There’s room, dear Lord.
Room for You to reside in this broken and weary heart
Make it Your home,
With humble begging I ask,  make it your home.


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