November 23, 2016

Listen, do you hear the sound of creation singing?
As if all nature knows the One to whom it is bringing
ALL highest praise and glory.

Listen, little angel baby
Who waits patiently in the womb
And hears his mothers heartbeat,
Could Christ in the tomb
Hear the anticipation of His Father’s
As He spoke the words that would bring Him to life?

Listen, we hear the Words
That pierce even the hardest of hearts
And spoke the fish, mountains and birds
Into existence before I was even a thought.

Listen, hear the sounds of weeping
As all the universe cries out
“Abba, Father! We know you are keeping
Time and the universe held with your Word!
But oh, how we groan together,
It’s not supposed to be this way!”
So speak faith into our souls.

Listen, the melody He’s playing
Drawing me alongside another
As we are delicately joining
The songs of our sisters and brothers.

Listen, hear my hearts desire
That all join this song
Written by Holy Spirit fire
We are One with Christ
He’s the One we admire.
Let us listen. Let us feel. Let us taste. Let us see.

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