Hold On

November 18, 2016

daddy-daughter**Preface- I wrote this poem after receiving a text from a girl I disciple. I knew the pain she had been feeling. The shame and guilt of her past had drudged up a bunch of lies about her justified state before the Lord.**

Hold on baby girl

As you cry out to Daddy.

Hope will rise baby girl

For our day with the Son.

Do not fear baby girl

When pain comes along.

But hold tighter baby girl

As you suffer a little longer.

Feel His love baby girl

As He speaks tenderly to you.

I hear your groaning baby girl

It’s okay, He’s near too.

What needs have you, baby girl?

No other love will satisfy.

Where do your eyes go baby girl?

Keep them fixed on His face.

What dreams are in your mind baby girl?

That white dress He will see.

You are His baby girl

He holds your hopes, your love, your cries, your dreams.

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