The Fight Update

May 10, 2016


The ping of my alarm clock started at 6am this morning. Pulling the blankets of my freezing body was difficult. Then the next alarm went off at 6:05am: “Sing of His steadfast love in the morning Psalms 92:2”. So I did. As I was walking to the shower I started to sing of His love. Made up songs of course, but songs from the heart nonetheless. I got in my car and started to pray as I do every morning on the way to school. As I was praying I listened to my ESV Bible app read John 14-16 to me, because FAITH COMES BY HEARING AND HEARING THE WORD OF GOD!┬áThis morning was different. The joy I have been fighting for (read my previous post if you’re not sure what I’m talking about) washed over me like a flood. Knowing that I have no good apart from Him was the resounding theme of the morning. So, I just started praying that! I started praising Him for all His great and beautiful gifts that point me to Him. I thanked Him for this season of my life as it was producing great depth of faith and assurance that He is greater than my heart.

Then, I read this during my planning period when the room was quiet and no disturbances:

“We give thanks to you, O God; we give thanks, for Your name is near. We recount Your wondrous deeds!” Psalm 75:1

In the heading of this chapter you read: “A Psalm of Asaph. A song”. The Hebrew meaning of Asaph is “who gathers together”. When God gathers us together BY HIS GRACE, our faith is renewed as we recount His wondrous deeds. Last night we had about 8 college students in our house singing and worshiping and preparing their hearts to serve their faith family this summer. This was incredible to watch! Our hearts were strengthened. We carried burdens, we comforted with the comfort that Christ has given us, we were living out the ACTS church. Praise the One who gathers us together. Praise the One who gives us gifts of Christian fellowship! Praise the One who restores our faith and gives abundant joy that is overflowing from His fountain of mercies.

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