Walking, Falling, and the Art of Being Held

January 21, 2016


This is not a new concept… this is not new information…

When I think about a child who is learning to walk, I think about each stage it takes you to get there. They start rolling around on their tummies, they start lifting themselves up, then they crawl, and THEN they start to pull themselves up on the furniture. Most importantly, I think what is the response of the person teaching you how to walk? Have you ever gotten angry at a child when you saw him or her falling on the first few steps? NO! That’s absurd. In fact, we smile and cheer on the baby as it takes those first steps with COURAGE. Picture this… you see your baby taking those steps. She is not going to get it right away. Sometimes it takes WEEKS for her to learn all the parts of walking. They wobble a little bit, and on the other side you’re saying, “Come on baby, come to Momma!” If we are mere humans loving a child with human love during those first steps, how much more does our HEAVENLY Father cheer us on saying, “Come on, Louisa, come to Abba!” Each step in our walk as a Disciple of Christ is leading us to THE loving arms of our eternal Father and our eternal home in Glory.

Sometimes when we fall, we hit our heads and bleed. Such is life… Sometimes I slip… I fall and bump my head on the coffee table of life, whether by my own choice or because of the lack of balance I have in myself. But, there He is to scoop me up and console me WITH HIS WORDS… speaking tenderly to me… “I crown you with steadfast love and mercy, I satisfy you with good things and renew you like an eagle”. If God knows we are learning to walk, don’t you think His grace will cover our stumbles? Of course! Why do we think when He asks us to walk in a manner worthy that He will not give us all we need to do it well? He is not on the other side berating us for not knowing how to walk… He’s there cheering us on the whole way. He’s saying, WITH HIS WORD, “Come on, my love, come to Abba!”

“If the LORD had not been my help, my soul would soon have lived in the land of silence. When I thought, ‘My foot slips’, your STEADFAST LOVE, O LORD, held me up.”  -Psalm 94:17-18

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