All Because…

December 22, 2015


When I looked down at my phone and the text bubble said, “I love you Louie”. How do I even put into words the magnitude of what those words mean to me? To those who are called “momma” by tiny humans they’ve created, I would have to say it’s the equivalent. Let me make something clear as to WHY people call me Louie…

All because two broken people gave up on a marriage and got a divorce,

All because a woman was broken and desired to be loved again after the brokenness of a bad marriage,

All because a man who was hurt in the worst way by a woman decided to move to the same complex that I lived in,

All because this man’s daughter wanted her father to be happy and marry again,

All because that man saw something in my mother as being potential for a beautiful life together,

All because his job required us to move to a suburban town,

All because the new house we lived in happened to have a bunch of radical Christians living next door who wanted to share the Gospel with 2 little broken girls,

All because they had the faith that these two girls were going to respond to the Gospel,

All because after hearing the Gospel I decided I needed a Savior,

All because that impacted my mom to send us to a Christian school,

All because we went to that Christian school I was able to meet Brian,

All because I submitted to Brian’s leading in where we were to attend church I have been able to see the magnificent working of the Lord in my heart towards ministry, people, salvation… If you are reading this it is because of a divorce. It is because of a broken, crazy divorce that you are reading this and you are in my life. And I in yours…. God’s SOVEREIGN plan is higher than anything else I could ever even imagine. Because of barrenness I am able to be called “Momma Louie”. Because He is working an eternal weight of glory in my life through the fallen nature of this world. BECAUSE OF ALL OF THIS…. I AM CONTENT.

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