Give Thanks to the Lord, for HE is Good…

September 8, 2015

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STEADFAST: adj., “resolutely or dutifully firm and unwavering”, synonyms- loyal, faithful, committed, devoted, dependable.

Whenever we see the word “steadfast” in Scripture, we see it referring to the steadfast love of God. “Oh give thanks to the LORD, for his steadfast love endures forever! Who can utter the mighty deeds of the LORD, or declare all his praise?” (Psalm 106:1-2) The word “steadfast” is used over 123 times in Scripture, with 65% of those uses in the book of Psalms alone. What I know about when words are used over and over again to describe something, it might be important. I believe the Psalmist knew what that love looked like. As a matter of fact, in the rest of that chapter in Psalms 106, David goes on to describe that love…

Starting in verse 6 we see that the Israelites knowingly had sin in their life: idolatry, wickedness, generational sin, etc. Then, in verse 7 we see that because of that sin they forgot the goodness of the LORD. David uses the word “steadfast” once again to describe that love that the Father has for his chosen people, and yet they still remain forgetful of what the Father had done when they were in Egypt. I can call these people stupid simply because when I have sin that is unrepentant in my life, I too can become incredibly forgetful of the goodness and steadfast love that God has shown me. Read on in verse 8 where In spite of that forgetfulness, the LORD saved them, simply to make known His mighty power. BECAUSE HE IS MIGHTY!!!! In verse 9 God chooses to make their paths straight by rebuking the Red Sea and leading them through the deep as through a desert. That is just what the Lord does. He saves us to reveal His mighty power, and then just like 2 Peter 1:3 says, he makes our paths straight and gives us all the tools needed to live out a righteous and sanctified life. In verses 11-12 God gives them victory! GOD GIVES THEM VICTORY OVER THEIR FOES! Once again, we see more of God’s character revealed here. He gives us victory in our lives over sin, temptation, or anything else that easily besets us and entangles us. What a powerful promise! In verse 12 we see that once the Lord gave the victory, the Israelites PRAISED our Father! When given victory in our lives, NEVER forget to give Him the praise. Make it known to those you come into contact with that HE IS GOOD!

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