Belly Laughs

August 30, 2015

Without being so serious today…

After church Brian and I went to lunch with some of our FAVORITE people. We have found that we don’t really “fit in” with couples our age. Mostly because they’re in a different life phase than us. Most couples our age have children and are trying to wrangle them up, keep them entertained, or whatever it is people with children do. However, we are in a different phase. We don’t have children. So, our friend groups right now consist of empty nesters or 17-25 year olds. This is a fun lifestyle to live! We have the moments of gleaning wisdom from older couples who aren’t busy chasing children, and the freshness of the young people. It’s a great balance.

This afternoon was time spent with the young people… full of intense laughter! You know the kind where it hurts your face and it roars from out of your belly? THATS the kind of laughter I love. Those are the moments that keep me going… I love deep deep roaring belly laughs that hurt your face. Do you have people in your life that bring out those opportunities to just cut loose and enjoy the moment? If you don’t, find those people. Seek them out… That’s all.

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