What Am I Feeling Tonight?

August 29, 2015

There’s a string of melodies that have been playing on repeat in my mind tonight. Melodies then turn into harmonies that wrap my heart into a wild extension of musical trances that catapult me into spiritual experiences with God. While I don’t believe that music should be the foundation of our faith, it has definitely been a nail, hammer, screwdriver, or some other type of tool to build on the firm foundation of my desire to ABIDE IN Christ. It is very rare that I find music that will set the atmosphere of external musical worship in my day. However, Lauren Daigle’s album is pretty much on point tonight…

God is teaching me a great deal about two things right now: the importance of prayer, and the path of holiness. Both of these topics have been a theme throughout the past few months of my life, but have definitely become staples in my Christian walk as of late. I haven’t the least bit idea what the rest of this prayer/holiness journey will look like. I don’t know if there will be sufferings, afflictions, persecutions, or calamity involved, but I have resolved to make every one of those “scary” topics real in my walk with the Lord. I want to know Christ, even in His sufferings. I want to experience who HE really is to me… Not who I make Him out to be in my mind. His Word has been so alive and moving tonight. His presence has been so strong, tender, and sweet. In spite of being the thrill seeker that I am, and constantly needing that next “hight” to pick me up, I have complete contentment knowing that Christ is the all Sufficient One, which makes HIM my PORTION and my STRENGTH. These words that I am writing about are not just some form of “Christianese”. They are REAL life. Real time yearnings that are dwelling deep with my cluttered spirit.

If you are needing a little late night revival where your heart is melted just by the mere mention of His name, then I suggest you stop reading this, get into God’s Word, and don’t move until you have experienced Him in a mighty way… 

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